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Bob's Great Escape From The Crazy World

Have your own imagination to escape from the craziness in the world. -Co-created by Branden & Art Coach May

Size:  60cm x 60cm

Price: MYR1800

Happy Hands

Painted with music in the background, Eugene used his hands to paint although he was not so comfortable in the beginning. However, he enjoyed it after a while and the art says it all.- Eugene

Size: 40cm x 50cm

Price:  MYR600

Koyak Ini Koyak Itu, Lekat Sini Lekat Sana

You know when you enjoy doing something, it's all in the SMILE.- Eugene

Size: 36cm x 36cm

Price:  MYR600

I Can Fly In The Swing

Whenever he goes to the park, he must look for the swing, maybe he thinks he is flying.-Eugene

Size:  30cm x 40cm

Price: MYR600

I Am Who I Am

Tearing the papers, playing with glue and scraping the paint with rulers, oh... that SMILE says it all.-Eugene

Size: 44cm x 44cm

Price: MYR600

I Am Fast & Furious In My Ferrari

I always like cars and draw them. Teacher Jaja has taught me to add more " views" as background. I now have learned a new perspective to make things more beautiful and interesting.-Priya

Size: 44cm x 44cm

Price: MYR500

Colourful Strokes

Follow your heart, just paint, don't think too much-Hikmah

Size: 32cm x 42cm

Price: MYR400 

Cars Cars Smash Smash

I am not sure why I have the cat smashing the cars, but I guess my inner "me" thinks its fun and cute.-Jaden

Size: 32cm x 42cm

Price: MYR500

Chunky Peanutbutter Strawberry Jam Cat Toast

I see cats in everything I like, including my food. I can't get enough of it.-Kaye-Leigh

Size: 50cm x 40cm

Price: MYR600

Rabbit In The Jungle

Inspired by Alice in the Wonderland. A rabbit can also represent a new beginning, happiness, contentment and freedom. -Ainaa

Size: 60cm x 60cm

Price: MYR1000 *SOLD!*


My mind is a mess,

Seeing a messy house,

No proper place to sleep,

Do not have my own space to do my work. Staying at grandma's house till the new house is ready-Ainaa 

Size: 44cm x 44cm

Price: MYR800 *SOLD!*

Cat Cafe

I can't have cats in my house because my Mummy is afraid of cats, so she brings me to cat cafes, thank you Mummy. It is my happy place. Kaye-Leigh

Size: 40cm x 30cm

Price: MYR500 *SOLD!*

I Love Transformers

"Brother, what do you want me to paint today?" My brother and I like to play with Transformers. We each have our own collections and we love watching the movies. -Jaden

Size: 44cm x 44cm

Price: MYR500 *SOLD!*

Shadow Play

Using sponge as the medium, Eugene explored new methods to have fun and play-Eugene

Size:  40cm x 40cm

Price: MYR400 *SOLD!*