We believe in the inherent potential of disadvantaged children and youth to find their passions and cultivate abilities to make life-changing impact in their lives

Our Art Labs on the Go pair experienced artists with emerging artists, helping them discover their creative talents and explore personal and societal issues, and envision their hopes and dreams. The Art For Rare Program gives children, youth, and their families a chance to engage in fulfilling and fun visual art, fostering their commitment to their own well-being.


"A happy Kaye-Leigh means a happy us, the family, who sees and feel every single emotions that she goes through. It has been fun for her and all of us especially when we see the final result of every art creation." (Jean, Kaye-Leigh's mum)

Emerging Artist with Prader-Willi syndrome


"Art for Rare is the place for our angels to explore and building up thier ability, confidence and also released their feeling through the art" (Jessie, Eugene's mum)

Emerging Artist with Williams Syndrome


"This program is unique not only because of the art coach but also because of what another piece of art is going to be. Then a piece becomes rare to you because it spoke to you when you look at it back. I wouldn’t have thought I managed to create that artwork without this. "

Emerging Artist with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 3


"After joining Art for Rare is I know how to draw.. This is my 1st experience holding a brush, playing with acrylic paint and complete a painting on canvas"

Emerging Artist with Albinism


"Priya and my family think this art program is very beneficial. We learned many new things...We are very happy that programs like this can help show the talents in them." (Maligga, Priya's mum)

Emerging Artist with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy


"My family was very excited after knowing that I participated...Art for Rare improve my confiden(ce) and change my perspective that people like us, also can make art like others did and we also can find other way to find income."

Emerging Artist with Bilateral Congenital Cataracts of unknown cause

"I have lots of fun painting with teacher May because we always have music. I enjoyed learning from Uncle Nic because he taught me new things. He says there is no right or wrong when we paint but always learn to be better. I get to talk a lot and share my stories with both of them."

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Emerging Artist with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Type 1), Dyslexia, and Dyscalculia


"The art for rare program has really changed my perspective on art as a whole...I found new pleasure in art. I’ve found painting to be therapeutic, relaxing and has become an enjoyable pastime for me."

Emerging Artist living with Growth Hormone Deficiency, and Pituitary Tumour

Meet the passionate Art Coaches we hired, who guide our emerging artists on their creative journeys

Art Coach - Nic

"I wanted to empower them with the necessary tools for them to thrive. That is, mental fortitude, concepts and a good attitude towards art making. Also to be a friend in this art journey, and in my personal need to help others. It's important to extend a helping hand to others who need it. Together, we are stronger. For it makes us human, vulnerable and empathic."

Art Coach - Jaja

"The Art For Rare program has opened the doors of my mind, eyes and heart to a new world in my painting career. Each of the painters under this program, has extraordinary power. Each of them is capable of going far in whatever they dream of. It is our responsibility to continue to provide support and guidance."

Art Coach - May

"Teaching ... is a spontaneous process, and I adapt our lessons based on (Emerging Artist) mood... It's also been an eye-opening experience". "I've learned to cherish the little things...the power of never giving up and staying strong, no matter what life throws our way."


Embark on an artistic journey through 5 captivating Galleries, each one presents a unique perspective on the human experience, offering a profound exploration of themes such as community, perseverance, creativity, optimism, and joy