Founded in 2016, FriendenArts empowers disadvantaged children and youth to unlock their artistic potential, nurture optimism, and shape positive change through visual art. 

We guide them towards financial independence through fair-income opportunities from selling their artwork and merchandise, enabling them to thrive in their life journeys.

Children and youth suffering from life-limiting conditions, disabilities, and trauma, face a unique set of challenges. Barriers to education, healthcare, and employment are compounded by injustice, stigma, and a lack of understanding and support.  Their plight is often overlooked, underserved, and poorly understood. But we see them. We hear them. And we are here to help them.

We empower these children and youth by providing them with the tools and support they need to thrive - by helping them develop their skills, express their creativity, and connect with others. We show them that they are valued and capable members of society. 

Art transforms lives, empowering people and communities

Our Art Labs on the Go pair experienced artists with emerging artists, helping them discover their creative talents and explore personal and societal issues, and envision their hopes and dreams. 

The Art For Rare Program gives children, youth, and their families a chance to engage in fulfilling and fun visual art, fostering their commitment to their own well-being.

Our ambition and innovation are evident in desirable results, both in product and process

Our bold Canvas to Commerce program empowers emerging artists to earn a sustainable income by collaborating with us to curate and sell their distinctive art-inspired merchandise

Customers and businesses alike can support this creative initiative while enjoying unique and thoughtful products.


Visual arts education ignites hope and positive change, within us, our communities, and society.

CS-ART, Corporate Social Responsibility through Art: Our events and exhibitions foster safe dialogue, empathy for vulnerable populations, and diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Emerging Artists' creativity ignites self-worth and community connection. Co-creation with our artists sparks extraordinary outcomes. 

Proudly hired by IKEA, Maybank, Hong Leong Group, L'Oréal, Reckitt Benckiser and other well known brands.